15th May 2024


2017 Posters
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Category 1: Improving Processes and Healthcare Outcomes 

1. Rapidly Failing, Slowly TranquilisingDr Ross Runciman, CT3 Psychiatry Trainee, 2gether NHS Foundation Trust

2. Reducing risk: Audit and action for patients at high risk of ischaemic stroke in primary careDr Celia Bryant, GPST1, NHS

3. Montgomery Compliance in a Clinical Setting - category winnerDr Melissa Good, Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

4. Facilitating reflective practice to overcome barriers contributing to extended ambulance ‘on-scene’ times during time-critical cardiovascular emergencies.Ollie Zorab, Quality Improvement Paramedic, South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

5. Improving the assessment and management of inpatient risk of fallsStephen Shearman, Lead Falls Prevention Specialist Nurse, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

6. Improving chest drain insertion in the Emergency DepartmentDr Helen Mansfield, Emergency Consultant, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHSFT

7. PINS: Prescribing in Neutropenic SepsisDr Alexander Churton, FY2 Doctor, Royal Derby Hospital

8. Hospital @ Night: FY1 BleepsDr Sarah Ali, Junior Doctor, Guys and St Thomas’ Trust

9. The Silent Assassin: turning the tables on Acute Kidney InjuryDr Nirosha Gunatillake, Consultant in Acute Medicine and Nephrology, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth Hospitals NHSTrust

10. Reduction of Inpatient Acquired AKI using quality improvement methodology to increase awareness and improve routine processesClaire Lynch, Sepsis Specialist Nurse and Victoria Selby, Project Support Officer- Acute Kidney Injury and Sepsis, Royal United Hospital Bath

11. Improving the Management of COPD using Quality Improvement MethodologyDr Georgia Connolly, Core Medical Trainee, Weston Area Health Trust

12. Decompensated liver cirrhosis - care bundleDr Tamar Avades, Core Medical Trainee, Musgrove Park Hospital

13. Patient engagement in Risk-to-self ReductionNatasha Berthollier, Chartered Psychologist/ ASSiST Team Lead, Berks Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

14. Introduction of a Junior Doctor Coronary Angiogram ChecklistDr Fiona Herbert, CT1 Doctor, North Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

15. Documentation of Operation Notes within Vascular Surgery: a completed audit cycleDr Winifred Garr, Foundation Year Two Doctor, The Royal Oldham Hospital, Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust

16. Is the ‘SAFER’ discharge bundle embedded into the 4pm General Medical board handover?Dr Sophie Jones, Core Medical Trainee, Portsmouth Hospital Trust

17. Improving Patient Handover from Emergency Admissions Unit (EAU) to WardDr Hannah Schneiders, F1 Junior Doctor, Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

18. How a New Care Bundle has Sustainably Reduced Surgical Site infection in Patients undergoing colorectal surgeryDr Emile King, Clinical Fellow CT 1/2 Level General Surgery, North Bristol NHS Trust

19. Last Days Documentation Quality Improvement ProjectDr Jerome Condry, FY1 Doctor, Weston Area NHS Trust

20. AKI prevention post contrast for CTDr Jennifer Whateley, FY1 Doctor, Royal United Hospital Bath

21. Resistance Is Real: Improving Antibiotic ReviewsDr Rajan Pooni, FY1 Doctor Sherwood Forest NHS Trust

22. Spend a Penny: The importance of preventing unnecessarily prolonged catheterisationDr Harpreet Sandhu, FY2 Doctor, NUH/Lincoln

23. Improving the timeliness of discharge summary completion on the acute medical admissions unitDr Peter Sykes, Clinical Teaching Fellow, Cheltenham General Hospital, Glos Hospitals NHS Trust

24. A multidisciplinary team’s approach to reducing the cost and risk of falls in frail older people by improving waiting times, triage, and multidisciplinary assessment.Clare Shearer, Snr Physiotherapist, Royal Bournemouth & Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

25. Supporting the older frail person to engage in self-care - patient activationTeresa Candfield, Locality Lead, North Somerset Community Partnership

Category 2: Teamwork, culture change, enhanced patient experience, learning from errors 26. Reducing unintentional omitted medication: Changing a cultureKevin Gibbs, Clinical Pharmacy Manager, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

27. Good Morning GranthamDr Eleanor Badger, FY2 Doctor, NHS

28. Searching for Prohibited Items in Mental Health Hospitals – a Randomised Controlled Trial of Two Metal Detecting TechnologiesDr James Laidlaw, Consultant Psychiatrist, 2gether NHS Trust

29. Rapid spread of multidisciplinary training in Sepsis resulting in significant improvement in Sepsis management trust-wide.Dr Sarah Cowey, Specialist Registrar Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust

30. Developing the surgical safety checklist for ENTDr Mariam Latif, Specialist Trainee Anaesthetics, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

31. NSCP bring patient safety to life!Suzanne Golding-Ellis, Head of Patient Safety and Infection Control, N Somerset Community Partnership

32. Sunshine on a rainy day- The benefits of group activities on an older person rehab ward Carrie Piper, Occupational Therapy, Sirona Care and Health

33. Improving psychological safety amongst staff in a District General Hospital Jo Howarth, Associate Director, Patient Safety and Quality, Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

34. Improving Patients’ Experiences at Night Time at Yeovil District District HospitalJules Yates, Patient Safety Coordinator, Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

35. Palliative Care Symptom Observation Chart - category winnerDr Katherine Fok, Junior Doctor, Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

36. Implementation of Tag Care to Prevent Inpatient Falls in an Acute SettingKrystle Pardon, Quality Improvement Lead, Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

37. Introduction of a Standardised Weekend Theatre Brief at Yeovil District HospitalDr Rachel Johns, Consultant Anaesthetist and Clinical Director for Patient Safety, Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

38. The impact of a human factors based team training programme on safety climate in the operating theatreMs Charlotte Hitchins, Specialty Trainee / Research Fellow in General Surgery, Plymouth Hosps NHS Trust

39. The impact of multi-disciplinary team training on non-technical skills in the operating theatre: a blinded studyMs Charlotte Hitchins, Specialty Trainee / Research Fellow in General Surgery, Plymouth Hosps NHS Trust

40. Point of care simulation to improve patient safety on an assesment unit
Dr Mike Forster, Specialty Doctor, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Category 3: System-wide or capacity improvement, training, education, best-practice

41. Improving Identification, Management and Documentation of AKI in an Acute Trust
Dr James Fullick, FY2 Doctor, Weston Area Health Trust

42. Carbon Monoxide Kills - Midwife saves family from CO poisoningHeidi Croucher, Smoking in Pregnancy Liaison Midwife, Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

43. High Quality Simulation Based Medical Training Without Expensive Mannequins Dr Emma J. Allison, Clinical Teaching Fellow County Durham and Darlington NHS Trust

44. Smarter and Safer HandoverDr Gurkaran Samra, AMU Registrar, Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

45. Stethoscope cleanliness: a quality improvement projectDr Elizabeth Ewers, Plymouth NHS Trust

46. Equipping patients with the knowledge and skills to reduce their risk of falling at home following a recent stay on a community recovery, reablement and rehabilitation wardAnn Keizer, Occupational Therapist, Sirona Care and Health

47. Reducing the incidence of opioid-induced constipation on the SEAUChris Puo Nem Lim, FY1 Doctor, Lincoln County Hospital

48. Exploring and Improving Plymouth Foundation Doctors’ Knowledge of Ionising Radiation Legislation and Exposure GuidelinesDr Richard Chaytor, Core Surgical Trainee, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

49. Scan4SafetySarah Evans, Scan4Safety Communications Lead, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

50. Sepsis SafeSuzanne Golding-Ellis, Head of Patient safety and Infection Control, North Somerset Community Partnership

51. Sign and Deliver: Improving transmission of discharge information from Secondary to Primary Care in Weston Area Health TrustDr Manon Jenkins, FY1 Doctor, Weston Health Trust NHS

52. The use of marker balls in pelvic radiographs for patients with suspected neck of femur fracturesDr Joshua Filer, CT1 Orthopaedic surgery, RUH Bath

53. Audit of endotracheal tubes (ETT) length and tip position in ventilated patients on ICU at the Great Western Hospital, SwindonDr Joseph Page, Foundation Year 1 Doctor,Great Western Hospital Swindon

54. Making treatment escalation decision a clinical priorityDr Lihini Wijeyaratne, FY 2, Royal United Hospital, Bath

55. Hospital Excellence And Recognition Telephone (HEART): Learning from human factors analysis of positive reports of events within a district general hospital Dr Georgia Connolly, Core Medical Trainee, Weston Area Health Trust - first prize

56. Teaching acute management of inpatient falls through simulation at the point of careEleanor Thackeray, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation trust

57. Improving Patient Safety with a Mobility Scoring System: A Quality Improvement ProjectLayla Guscoth, Foundation Year 1 Doctor, Royal United Hospitals Bath