15th May 2024


 2018 Posters
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Category 1: Improving Processes and Healthcare Outcomes 

1. How the introduction of a standardised operation note has led to individually tailored post-operative care plans and improved multi-disciplinary team performance for patients with fractured neck of femur at Yeovil District Hospital Ms Clare Spolton-Dean, Registrar, Yeovil District Hospital Foundation Trust

2. Improving patient safety during haemodialysis catheter insertionDr Richard Powell, Renal SpR, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust 3. Visit from a Vampire Dr Nyssa Comber, Foundation Year 2 Doctor, Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH)

4. Improving the physical health monitoring of community patients in Plymouth on antipsychotics Dr Samuel Saliu, Foundation Year 1 Doctor, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust 

5. Improving the documentation of urinary catheterisation on medical wards at Weston General Hospital Dr Clare Oliver, Foundation Year 2 Doctor, Weston Area Health Trust 

6. Spotting and treating sepsis in acute paediatric presentations on a district general hospital ward Dr Gita Modgil, Consultant Paediatrician, Paediatric Department, Musgrove Park Hospital 

7. Delivering an integrated community based frailty model Mrs Vee Spandoni, Frailty Service Lead Practitioner, North Somerset Community Partnership 

8. Winter Is Coming: Improving Antibiotic Prescribing for Sore Throats Dr Rajan Pooni, Foundation Year 2 Doctor, Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

9. Reducing urinary tract infections in care home residents through structured drinks rounds and staff training Mrs Katie Lean, Patient Safety Manager, Oxford Academic Health Science Network 

10. Identifying the responsible junior clinician for medical inpatientsDr Tobias Roberts, Foundation Year 2 Doctor, Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust 

11. Inpatient Self-monitoring of Blood Glucose for Adults with Cystic Fibrosis Ms Jessica Parkin, Medical Student, University of Bristol/University Hospitals Bristol 

12. Staff and Patient Perceptions of the WHO Checklist Dr Rebecca Kelly, Dental Core Trainee in Oral Surgery, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

13. Shock through the heart, and you’re to blame: Reducing DC cardioversion errors using a checklist and simulation training Dr Nathan Riddell, Foundation Year 2 Doctor, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board 

14. Project Fal Ward: A Human Factors Ergonomics (HFE) Pilot Study Dr Louise Schonborn, Anaesthetic Registrar, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust 

15. ‘Hedgehog Handover’: a custom-built digital quality improvement project Dr Daniel Leach, ST2 Doctor, North Bristol NHS Trust 

16. Embedding a culture of using a LocSSIP in a non theatre environment when inserting a chest drain Mrs Ingrid Henderson, Patient Safety and Quality Lead Women’s Services, United Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust 

17. Reducing Health Acquired Pressure Ulcers (HAPUs) at Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport, Wales Dr Doris Behrens, Principal Mathematical Modeller, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board 

18.Low Risk Chest Pain Pathway Reduces Patient Length of Stay and Hospital Admissions and Promotes Safety with Targeted Follow Up Dr Reuben Cooper, ST5 Emergency Medicine, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

19. Improving ITU Discharge Summaries – A Quality Improvement Project Dr Aishwarya Anilkumar, Foundation Year 2 Doctor, Weston General Hospital 

20. Improving Patient Safety during Doctors’ Changeover Dr Aboyowa Popo, Foundation Year 2 Doctor, North Middlesex University Hospital 

21. Introduction of a NatSSIP compliant proforma to improve documentation and safety of lumbar punctures Dr Jennifer Bracken, Core Medical Trainee, Southmead Hospital, North Bristol NHS Trust 

22. Audit of head injury management in a district general hospital Mr Joseph John, CST1, Musgrove Park Hospital 

23. Improving the timeliness of inpatient discharge summaries at Weston General Hospital Dr Rachel Goddard, Chief Registrar, Weston Area Health Trust 

24. Improving the safety of High Flow Nasal Cannula use in a high care setting Dr Georgina Mynott, SHO, Bristol Royal Infirmary Medicine 

C ategory 2: Training, education, knowledge, best practice

25. Education of junior doctors on the preparation and delivery of Intravenous antibiotics Dr Hannah Petho, Foundation Year 2 Doctor, Portsmouth Hospital Trust 

26. NSCP Learning and Development Team - The Journey so far......Mrs Phaedra Hamilton, Practice Education Facilitator, North Somerset Community Partnership 

27. The use of anticoagulants in the management of atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter and paroxysmal atrial fibrillation Ms Jane Roberts, Clinical Lead, Residential Home Support Team, North Somerset Community Partnership 

28. Fire Safety Survey: a completed audit cycle Dr Dominic Rodwell, CT1 ACCS Anaesthetics, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings Lynn NHS Trust 

29. Caries Prevention: dietary counselling and fluoride intervention. A multi-centre quality improvement project (QIP) within Primary Care Dental Practices Dr Jonathan Davies, Dentist, Exmouth Dentists 

30. A Quality Improvement project to promote access to the palliative care out-of- hours advice line at the Great Western Hospital Dr Joanna Gumley, Clinical Innovation Fellow, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

31. A quality improvement project to improve antimicrobial stewardship in acute surgical patients at the GWH Dr Harriet Nicholas, Foundation Year 1 Doctor, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

32. Improving confidence with on-call scenarios in final year medical students Dr Annie Carroll, Foundation Year 1 Doctor, Weston Area Health Trust 

33. Improving the identification of NOF patients appropriate for the Gold Standards Framework Dr Kirsty Benton, Foundation Year 2 Doctor, North Bristol NHS Trust 

Category 3: System-wide improvement /building patient safety capacity 

34. Uptake of latent tuberculosis screening in Slough - a high incidence area for TB Ms Jacqueline Riddles, Project Manager LTBI, Slough CCG 

35. Oxford AHSN Regional Improvements in Sepsis Management Mrs Jo Murray, Patient Safety Programme Manager, Oxford Academic Health Science Network 

36. Patient non-attendance characteristics at rheumatology outpatient clinics within a large multi-ethnic region Dr Abigail Takyi, Junior Doctor, University Hospital Leicester 

37. Local Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures (LocSSIPs) at UHBristol Dr Claire Sellar, Respiratory SpR, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust 

38. Improving Patient Safety: Reducing the risk of inappropriate patient connection to airflow Dr Richard Ellis, Clinical Leadership Fellow, ABCi, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board & Wales Deanery 

39. Improving Gentamicin Prescription Dr Katie Sales, Foundation Year 2 Doctor, Royal United Hospitals Bath

40. Improving accessibility through increasing capacity Dr Keith Gomes Pinto, GPST3, Preston Grove Surgery 

41. Enabling Improvement Capability at North Bristol NHS Trust Ms Vardeep Deogan, Quality Improvement Practitioner, North Bristol NHS Trust 

42. Strengthening the Hospital Out of Hours service at Royal Derby Hospital Dr Samuel Thacker, Clinical Fellow in Leadership & Management, Derby Teaching Hospitals 

Category 4: Better teamwork including multi-disciplinary/changing cultureEnhancing patient experience/candourLearning from events/errors 

43. Ultrasound guided Out-Patient malignant ascites drainage – A unique multi-professional approach Dr Andy Beale, Consultant Radiologist, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

44. Improving communication at handover and transfer reduces retained swabs in maternity services Ms Katie Lean, Patient Safety Manager, Oxford Academic Health Science Network 

45. Getting Medicines Right - it’s complicated! Ms Joy Davey, Medicines Governance and Safety Officer, Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust 

46. PIMS: Learning from clinical excellence Dr Eleanor Jarvis, Foundation Year 1 Doctor, North Bristol NHS Trust 

47. NeoPremQI- An MDT Approach to Quality Improvement in Perinatal CareDr Thomas Isaac, Clinical Teaching Fellow, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

48. Improving the Medical Emergency Team Dr Jennifer Callaghan, Clinical Innovation Fellow/ Geriatric Registrar, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

49. Improving the Quality of Management of Paediatric Emergencies at Weston General Hospital with a Focus on Human Factors Dr Devika Arambepola, Foundation Year 1 Doctor, Weston General Hospital 

50. 500+ Club - Life saving TREAT-ments Mrs Donna Little, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Gloucestershire Royal Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

51. “GO FLO” with Telehealth - Empowering Women to Monitor their Health at Home Dr Nusrat Fazal, Consultant Obstetrician, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

52. The Purple Butterfly Project Dr Clare Kendall, Pallative Care Consultant, North Bristol NHS Trust 

53. Improving confidence of non-clinical staff members in emergency situations in general practice Dr Adam Young, Foundation Year 2 Doctor, North Middlesex University Hospital