National Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

Poster Competition 2019


 Thanks to all our poster presenters who shared their work at this year's conference on 15th May 2019

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01   Improving Smoking Cessation Interventions on an Inpatient Cardiology Ward Dr Giles Atton, Cheltenham General Hospital

02 . Significant Event Audit at Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People Mrs Anne-Marie Murkett , Ms Tracy Ruthven, Rainbows
       Hospice for Children

03   It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt: teaching human factors to junior doctors Dr Lucy Baxter, South Tyneside District

04   Multidisciplinary simulation to influence widespread culture change in falls prevention Dr Lucy Baxter, Dr Amy Verrinder and
       colleagues, South Tyneside District Hospital

05  Optimising the management of Acute Kidney Injury at a District General Hospital Mr Callum Donaldson and colleagues, King’s College
       London Second Prize

06   VTE Prophylaxis in Post-Operative Bowel Cancer Patients, Dr Benjamin Walters & Dr Sophie Collins, Hampshire Hospitals NHSFT

07   Improving escalation and pre weekend documentation Dr Annie Wood, Dr Isobel Spring, Croydon Hospital

08   Improvements in sleep quality for hospital inpatients Dr Phillip Sparks and colleagues, Poole General Hospital

10   Do Not Attempt Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) Wristbands Dr Lydia Newton, Ms Ffion Dewi and colleagues,North Bristol
       NHS Trust

11   Use of a paediatric orthopaedic admission booklet to improve clerking documentation Dr Andrew Beverstock and colleagues, UH
       Bristol NHSFT

12   Improving Error Rate in Urine Fluid Samples Quality Improvement Project (QIP) Dr Jordan Cook, Dr Sarah Miller, Royal United
       Hospitals Bath

13   My Pregnancy @ NBT, Dr Sonia Barnfield, Matthew Rees and colleagues, North Bristol NHS Trust

14  Improving care of nursing home residents with dementia by implementation of new model for reviews Dr Jennifer Westwood, Dr
       Bethaney Mayhew and colleagues, Southampton General Hospital

15  A Sepsis Quality Improvement Project on an acute general medical ward in an inner city hospital Dr Kirsty Nweze and colleagues,
       Barts Health Trust

16   Improving Discussions about Escalation and DNACPR on Oncology, Dr Joe Page, Dr Jason Chai, Dr Rebecca Squires, Dr Katherine
       Belfield, Dr Esther Hindley UH Bristol NHSFT.

17   Improving sepsis screening, Nicola Lowe, Pippa Richards, Jenny Pickhaver, Sarah Ames, Taunton and Somerset NHSFT

18   Being SURE – The Patient List Redefined, Dr Vinay Shah, Dr Robert Davidson, Dr Palbha Jain, Imperial Healthcare Trust

19   Improving Care of Children Presenting to the Emergency Dept with Surgical Problems, Dr Hao Meng Yip, Mr Max Denning,
       Dr Zhi- Yang Low, Dr Charlotte Clements

20   Audit of Autologous Stem Cell Transplant Pathway via Ambulatory Care, Dr Hao Meng Yip, Dr Kwee Yong, Dr Dunnya De-Silva
        V Highly Commended

21  Optimising the medical weekend handover system at Weston General Hospital Dr Rachael Goddard, Dr Ann Archer and colleagues
       V Highly Commended

22   Reducing hospital-acquired heel pressure ulcers, Ms Nicola Lowe, Karen Triggs, Caroline Upton, Jenny Pickhaver, Taunton and Somerset
       NHSFT Third Prize

23   Improving antibiotic prescription documentation in a community district hospital, Dr Natalia Sterling, Dr Nikheel PA Patel, University
       Hospital Southampton NHSFT

24   The Treatment is in the Details: How We Fail Patients with Pathology Forms, Dr Michael Okocha and colleagues, North Bristol NHS

25   Improving the safety of Phenytoin: Using Micro In situ Simulation Training, Dr Emily Heathfield and colleagues, Ashford & St Peter’s

26   From knowing to doing - Putting human factors to work for patient safety, Ms Nicola Davey, Quality Improvement Clinic, Dr S. Lomax,
       Dr L. Chrisman, Dr Souman, Dr A. Kermode, Royal Surrey County Hospital

27   Don’t be a dipstick: reducing the use of urine dipsticks in diagnosing UTIs in the over 65s, Dr Louise Poole and colleagues, Weston
       Area Health Trust

28   ‘The antimicrobial journey’, Dr Annika Mills, Dr Andrew Follows, Dr Hannah Watson, Royal United Hospitals Bath

29   Vanquish Vancomycin Variation Dr James Pickard, Alysha Poole and colleagues, Weston Area Health Trust

30   On the benefits of celebrating learning from failure as well as “success”! Ms Benna Waites, Doris A. Behrens, Aneurin Bevan
       University Health Board

31   Can the number of sharps injuries in the Trust be reduced amongst clinical staff? Dr Oliver O’Sullivan, Dr Helena Edwards,
       Dr Sabrina Carta, Portsmouth Hospitals Trust

32   Application of a standardised measurement of Agitation Dr Thomas Salisbury and colleagues, Plymouth University Hospital Trust

33   Reducing the number of rejected samples at North Bristol Trust, Dr Shuchita Soni, Dr Laura Powell, Dr Francesca Knapper, North
       Bristol NHS Trust

34   Improving care in sexual assault consultations, Dr Elizabeth Mumby Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

35   Project to reduce the time taken to update handover sheets by junior doctors, Dr Simon Grant, Sue Bracey, University Hospitals
       Plymouth NHST

36   Time to “Meet and Greet”, Dr Rachael Chiumento, Jay Over and colleagues, Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust V Highly Commended

37,  Reducing lithium toxicity in a general hospital, Dr Philippa Lilford, Dr Rosalind Ward, Dr Katie Hall, Somerset Partnership NHSFT

38   Improving the Weekend Handover in a small DGH, Dr Emily Firmston-Williams, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, Dr Sally Ko, Royal Devon
       and Exeter Hospital

39   Improving prescribing safety in acute medical and surgical inpatients, Dr Cameron Bullock, Dr Kate Hyde and colleagues, Royal Devon
       and Exeter NHSFT

40   Summaries given at the end of a Community Outpatient Clinic, assessment of Children with a Disability, Dr Joanne Brooks, Dr Saba
       Hussain, UH Bristol NHSFT/Sirona Community care

41   Eye Care in ITU: Corneal Exposure, Dr Ali Khanan Kaabneh, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth

42   Taking on the Patient Safety Hurdle in Enacting Change Dr David Peberdy Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

43   “I’ve got a little list” - the scourge of a surgical junior, Dr Hiba Khan, Dr Elizabeth Flesher, Dr James Marshman and colleagues Royal
        Devon and Exeter Hospital First Prize

44    Improving Safety and Emergency Care of Ward-Based Tracheostomy Patients Dr Peter Sykes and colleagues, North Bristol NHS Trust

45    Safe induction of Locum doctors, Dr Fazia Muneer, Mr Muhammad Faisal Khan, Dr Maira Babar, North Devon District Hospital (NDDH)

46 .  Improving the documentation of ward rounds in colorectal surgery, Dr Dominic Dewson, Dr Victoria Eves, Dr Robert Gaskell, Dr Alex
        Hardman, Emma Woodcock, Dr Ibrahim Akinpelu, University Hospitals Plymouth   NHST

47   The new WHO checklist, Dr Claire Cushley and colleagues, Gloucestershire NHS Trust

48    Your patient is deteriorating: It’s Time to ACT, Dr Sara Blakeley and colleagues, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

49   Improving access to local guidelines for junior doctors using a mobile app Dr Jacob Adams, Dr Wai Huang Teng and colleagues, Yeovil
        District Hospital

50   Optimising Admission Temperatures of Preterm Infants to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Dr Jayne Sage, Dr Claire Rose,
       Southmead NICU, North Bristol NHST

51   Management of neonates born to mothers with Diabetes mellitus on insulin, admitted to NICU/ SCBU Dr Amruta Amit Fulmali, N Devon
        District Hospital, Barnstaple

52   QI cracking the code – What is a meaningful measure?, Dr Matthew Ball , Dr J Ingham, Torbay and South Devon NHST

53   Fast track treatment - making impossible possible, Mr Muhammad Faisal Khan, North Devon District Hospital (NDDH) 

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